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Wedding Bouquets - What’s Hot for 2010?
By Sara Abrams

2010 is a year where tradition seems to have been thrown out the window! We are looking at black wedding gowns, a trend that began in 2008 and continues strong. Black dresses tend to be embellished with lace and pearls. A twist on the black wedding gown are white dresses with black piping or embroidery. Black roses in your bouquet and bridal party will add an even more dramatic touch, or a combination of white and black flowers will lend sophistication.


If you love bright, vibrant red, you are in luck! In another step away from the traditional white gown, brides are choosing red. The combination of white and red flowers can add romance to a spring wedding.


If you are looking for a big tropical theme in the spring of 2010, you can focus around bright yellow and turquoise shades. You can add elements such as shells, starfish and feathers to your bouquets and table arrangements.


Other stand-out colors in 2010 are bold turquoise, and bright greens as well as deep browns and plum, and even orange. Orange works well if combined with soft peach tones and you can also add tiger lilies and orange gerberas into the bridal bouquets.


If you have chosen a white gown, you will want to match your bouquet to the feel of the dress, be it traditional, modern, wild and daring, or fantastical. Almost any flower will work with a white gown so your choices are endless, but stick to the theme of the dress and the wedding party. Make sure the bouquet enhances the dress’ look rather than detracts from it.


Just as wedding gowns have changed, there is no need to stick with traditional flowers such as roses and lilies. Look at arrangements with daisies, orchids, and tulips. If you are choosing a colorful dress you can play it up with exotic, bold flowers or go the opposite direction and tone down the bouquets and arrangements so that the dresses command the attention.


The rose continues to be the most popular and elegant bouquet flower. The trendier choices are lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, tulips and orchids. Unstructured bouquet arrangements with a just-picked, looser look have replaced the more tightly-bound bouquet shapes of years past. Vivid flower colors continue in popularity. If you would like a more glamorous bouquet, choose beads, brooches, jewel pins, pearls, crystal/rhinestone picks, and even monogrammed ribbon. Bouquets can be wrapped in ribbon of all kinds of fabrics, such as satin, velvet, or organza.


Don’t forget the men! The groom and groomsmen can wear mini calla lilies, mini sunflowers, and just about anything else in their lapels. If you are going for the exotic flower look and dress, make exotic boutonnieres for the men too.


Make sure you speak with the florist or wedding planner about preserving your bouquet as a wonderful wedding day keepsake. Your maid of honor can drop it off at the florist the day after for freeze drying, or you can preserve it on your own. Don’t forget to dry a few loose petals to put in your wedding album.


For the environmentally conscious couple, a green wedding is a must. Look into using flowers grown in the proximity of the wedding party so as to support local farmers. You may also want to consider donating the flower arrangements to a nursing home after the big day, to spread some more joy. Inquiring about the disposal of these perishables and making sure that they are added to a compost pile, rather than the trash, will make good environmental sense. Silk flowers would also be an option for the person concerned with waste as they will last for years or can even be re-used.


If you are working with a wedding planner or directly with a florist don’t be intimidated by their suggestions. Don’t let the trends take over your own personal style. Never forget that this is your day and choose the colors, feel and scents that will put a smile on your face and give you pleasure on one of the most important days of your life.

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